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2 Reasons to Use Indoor Storage for Your Boat

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

As a boat owner, one of the things that you could be unsure about is where to store your boat. When you talk to different boating enthusiasts, you’ll probably get different suggestions. Of course, you have various options but usually, opting for an indoor boat storage option is your best choice. These are a few of the main reasons.

1. Keep Your Boat Protected from the Elements

Some people leave their boats in the water all year long. However, year-round storage in the water can cause excessive wear and tear on your boat. Wind, salt from the seawater, and sunlight can cause fading and other types of damage. You also have to worry about problems like barnacles growing on the parts of your boat that are submerged, which can cause damage and be a pain to remove.

Even when you store your boat on land when it’s not in use, you still have to worry about the boat being damaged by the elements. For example, if you store your boat at home, then chances are good that you might not have a large enough garage or storage building to house it. If the boat is kept outdoors, it will still be exposed to the elements, and added wear and tear can occur over time.

With indoor storage, however, you’ll know that your boat is protected from wind damage, water damage, and sun damage. This can help you keep your boat looking good and in its best condition for a long time to come.

2. Avoid the Hassles of Having Your Boat at Home

Even if you aren’t concerned about theft or vandalism, you might not want to keep your boat at home. Even though you might love your boat, having it at home can be a hassle.

For example, if you have limited yard space, you might find that your boat will take up more space than you would prefer. In addition, you or your neighbors might see the boat as a bit of an eyesore. In some places, you even have to worry about HOA rules preventing you from storing your boat at home. When you store your boat elsewhere, you don’t have to worry about these problems.

If you’re a boat owner, keeping your boat in storage can be the best option. Keep your boat in its best condition so you can enjoy using it. Contact us at Petzold’s Marine Center today to find out more about our indoor boat storage services.

Stay Safe While Water Skiing or Wakeboarding

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

Water skiing and wakeboarding are exhilarating. If you regularly use your boat to participate in these water sports, you can count on having a great time – unless you get hurt. Though most people who water ski and wakeboard don’t get injured, thousands of people do injure themselves during these activities every year in the U.S.

You can minimize your risk of injury by taking steps before you go out on the water and while you’re water skiing or wakeboarding. Learn what your risks are and what to do about them so you can count on having only happy memories.

What Are the Risks of Water Skiing and Wakeboarding?

Since water skiing and wakeboarding work differently, participants in these sports tend to have different injuries.

Water skiers are most at risk for injuring their legs, and the injury is most often a muscle strain or a joint sprain. On the other hand, wakeboarders tend to get more cuts, especially to their head. Unfortunately, wakeboarders are also more likely to incur a brain injury like a concussion.

No matter which type of sport you choose, you can lessen the risk by taking precautions.

How Can You Make Water Skiing and Wakeboarding Safer?

Follow these guidelines to keep water sports fun instead of harmful.

Prepare Thoroughly

Safety doesn’t start after your board the boat. You need to prepare for water sports beforehand to lessen your risk of injury.

Start by making sure you’re physically fit. Water sports can be physically challenging, and if your body isn’t prepared, you risk muscle injuries that you could have prevented. You’ll need to make sure that your core muscles, legs, and shoulders are in good shape before you go to the water.

Next, make sure that everyone involved in your activity knows the rules, like giving other boats plenty of distance and staying away from shallow water or obstructions. Learn the proper hand signals for a wakeboarder or water skier to communicate with people in the boat. If you’re all on the same page now, you’ll have a better chance of staying safe later.

Finally, make sure that your equipment is all in good shape. If your boat isn’t ready for your trip, get it repaired immediately. Repair or replace any wakeboarding or water skiing equipment that’s damaged as well.

Stay Safe on the Water

While you water ski or wakeboard, follow basic safety rules to ensure that you don’t get hurt:

  • Wear a life jacket.
  • Don’t go too fast, too soon. Never try something that’s more intense than you’re comfortable with.
  • Only hold onto the tow line with your hands. Don’t put part of you through the handle, and don’t wrap the tow line around yourself.
  • If you know you’re about to fall, try to fall backwards instead of forwards. Additionally, let go of the tow rope immediately, or you could get dragged through the water.
  • Stop when you’re tired – don’t overdo it.
  • Stop if the conditions are dangerous, such as a storm or night falling.
  • Do not participate in water sports while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Lastly, make sure that someone on the boat is watching you at all times. This spotter will tell the driver if you need the boat to slow down, speed up, or stop immediately.

Take these precautions so you can have a great time water skiing or wakeboarding. If you need your boat repaired or replaced to make your experience safer and more enjoyable, reach out to Petzold’s Marine Center today. We can help you find the perfect boat for your preferred water sport or service the boat you currently use.

Going Fishing? Don’t Forget These Items

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

Fishing is an activity enjoyed by many people of all ages. To enjoy the afternoon fishing with friends or family, you need a fair amount of preparation. Equip yourself with these items to make the fishing experience more enjoyable and land the next big fish.

Rod and Reel

Check certain details of the rod and reel to make sure they are ideal for the angler using them. For beginners, a spincasting reel is more manageable because it allows the line to freely cast out by the touch of a button. With these types of reels, beginners can easily maintain the amount of line they want.

When you pick out your rods, consider the size. Rods come in various sizes, and depending on the size of the angler, some sizes work better than others. Come prepared by bringing multiple rods and reels so that an angler has access to the ideal rod for their experience and height.

If you place a hook on your line before you begin to fish, secure the hook to the rod when you move it to prevent any injuries. Don’t ruin the afternoon by hooking someone when carrying the poles to the boat.

Stocked Tackle Box

A properly stocked tackle box is crucial for an afternoon of fishing. Different fish call for different equipment. Also, depending on the depth of the water, you might need a sinker to get the hook deep enough. Tackle boxes should be fully loaded with various sized hooks, spare line, sinkers, bobbers, pliers, scissors,
and lures. Stock your tackle box before you leave.

Accessories for Sun Exposure

Whether it’s in the tackle box or your pocket, carry sunscreen with you to protect against those harmful UV rays. Fishing is a sport that takes time, and you can’t always tell when the sun is a little too toasty. To protect against sunburn and skin damage, put a layer of sunscreen on before you head out for open waters and, when needed, reapply on board.

The water reflects the sunlight as well. Pack a pair of sunglasses so that you don’t strain your eyes and have better vision to find the best fishing spot. A hat is another item of protection against the sun as well as an iconic piece of clothing for anglers. Wear a hat with a wide brim to fish in style and safety.


Fish aren’t the only ones who can have a bite when fishing. Pack a small cooler or bag with something to munch on to keep your stamina up. Along with snacks, bring water to stay hydrated. This way you can spend as much time as possible on the water instead of turning in early because of an empty stomach.

Spacious Boat

Due to all the equipment required for fishing, a boat can quickly feel cramped, especially if you have several people on board. Don’t let an uncomfortable boat ride take away from the enjoyment of fishing. Look for a boat with a spacious design, such as an open bow with leg room to move around.

A boat with a center console creates more space for equipment and passengers. A center console leaves the perimeter of the boat open so an angler can move from one side to the other without barriers in the way. A skipper has a larger field of view with a center console as well. This is important to see other boat traffic when you move into popular fishing spots.

For your next fishing adventure, grab these items to help land fish and enjoy the time. To get a boat for fishing, see different ones available at Petzold’s Marine Center.

Recently Buy a Boat? What You Need to Know Before Launching

Monday, October 30th, 2017

If you’ve recently purchased a boat, congratulations! Whether you love fishing, sailing or enjoying a leisurely boat ride while you relax with your loved ones, you’re about to take your leisure time to a whole new level of outdoor enjoyment. This is especially true if you live in the Portland, Connecticut, area, where beautiful boating areas abound.

Before you launch your boat for the first time, though, you need to make sure you’re completely prepared for whatever comes your way. You also need to act in ways that keep you, your family members, other boaters and the environment safe while you enjoy your boat. (more…)

Petzolds Open House Coming Up

Monday, March 13th, 2017

Just like the arrival of robins and sap oozing from maple trees, Petzold’s Marine Center’s annual Open House and Boat Show has become a sure sign of spring. Boaters who are itching for the warmer days of boating season to arrive will be happy to know that the popular annual Petzold’s event is right around the corner.

This year’s annual Petzold’s Open House and Boat Show in Portland, Connecticut, is coming up on Saturday, March 25 and Sunday, March 26.

On display at the show will be more than 70 new and pre-owned boats, including new boats from Sabre, Regal, Back Cove and EdgeWater. There will also be door prizes, vendors and refreshments. Also during the show, attendees will find extra savings in the area’s largest discount marine store.

The event’s hours will be 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday.

37 Indian Hill Ave Portland CT 06480

To learn more about the Petzold’s Marine Center Open House and Boat Show, contact us at, or by calling 860-342-1196.

A Boater’s Guide to Essex, Connecticut

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Essex, Connecticut is quintessential New England. It is steeped in history, with beautiful streets lined with Colonial and Federal architecture. It is home to interesting shops, restaurants, and art galleries. And it is ideal for boaters, from the area’s great fishing, to the scenic cruising opportunities along the Connecticut River, to the plenty of slips and facilities in town ready to welcome visitors. 

You’ll find Essex on the western shore of the Connecticut River, 5 nautical miles north of Long Island Sound. Follow channel markers up the river to G C “26,” and be sure to observe the no-wake zones along the way. Also, pay close attention to channel markers off Hayden’s Point, as rocks extend underwater right to the edge of the channel.

Essex has no shortage of boating facilities, so boaters will have plenty of options to choose from when looking for slips and moorings. Among them is Essex Boat Works (; 860 767-8276; VHF 9 & 68). Boaters can also find slips and moorings at the Essex Yacht Club (; 860-767-8121; VHF 68).

The scenic Connecticut River is ideal for cruising and is teeming with wildlife. Thousands of birdwatchers flock to the area each year for a chance to glimpse bald eagles, ospreys and the fall migration of tree swallows. The river also has many small creeks and coves worth exploring by small boat. If you need to rent a kayak, check out Action Sports ( in Old Saybrook.

On land, Essex has many attractions. You’ll enjoy walking the scenic streets, enjoying the architecture, visiting the many shops and art galleries, and dining at the area’s many fine restaurants. While in town, be sure to visit the Connecticut River Museum (, which explores the history of the river with exhibits, educational programs and special events. The Essex Steam Train and Riverboat tours ( – featuring a 65-foot replica paddlewheeler – are a favorite among kids. Another great way to see the area is aboard the 54-foot boat Riverquest (, which offers scenic cruises along the river.

For more information on Essex, Connecticut, visit

Tips on Buying a Boat

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Owning a boat can change your life. As a boat owner, you can enjoy long days spent fishing, weekends spent waterskiing or wakeboarding, and evenings spent on the water socializing with friends.

Buying your first boat can be an intimidating process. But it doesn’t need to be so long as you’re well-prepared and know what to focus on. Here are a few things to consider when buying your first boat.

How will you use your boat?
With so many styles of boats available, you should consider how you will use your boat and then pick out a vessel to match your needs. Do you plan to use it for fishing, cruising or for watersports with the family? Such considerations will help determine the size, layout and amenities you need.

Where will you keep your boat?
One of the biggest considerations for new boaters is where they will keep their vessel. Will you keep your boat in a slip at a marina or on a mooring? Or are you planning to keep it at home and trailer it? You also need to consider if come winter you’ll store it on your property or if you’ll pay for storage at a facility.

What certification do you need?
Most states require boaters to have some type of boating education certification, so check on what your state requires. If you plan to boat in neighboring states, check if they accept your state’s certification or if you need one specific to that state.

Handling the walk-through and sea trial.
A boat for sale might look nice, but give it a thorough inspection to be sure it’s in a good shape. Inspect everything on it, from the deck and fittings to the engine and machinery. If you’re satisfied, try it out to see how it handles. Consider how fast it goes and how responsive it is. If you’re still interested, and the boat is in the water, have it hauled out to give it a more thorough inspection and make sure there are no problems below the waterline.

Closing the deal.
Don’t end up paying more than you should. Try not to be emotional when negotiating the price. Determine the boat’s value to you and try to stay close to it. Also, if you’re buying a used boat from a boatyard, check that there are no outstanding bills or liens on the boat.

Edgewater’s Exciting New 248 CX & 262 CC

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

Edgewater is well-known for building capable, versatile, well-crafted boats. This past year, they continued to build on that reputation with two new, exciting boats: the 248 CX and the 262 CC.

The 248 CX is a versatile dual crossover that is perfect for whatever a boating family might want to use it for, from day trips and socializing to watersports to offshore fishing trips. It is packed with lots of storage, including an in-floor storage/ski locker and starboard side console storage. Its roomy layout offers plenty of comfortable seating, with bow lounge seating with arm rests, a port side ultra lounger, a folding stern seat with a backrest, and drink holders in all seat locations.

This dual crossover is also packed with fishing amenities, making it a popular choice among fishermen. It has a starboard side prep station with a fresh water sink and a 50-quart cooler. The 248 CX also has insulated bow fishbox/coolers with overboard drains and a 28-gallon transom baitwell. And boaters can spend all day out on the water thanks to the spacious walk-in head.

Edgewater’s new 262 Deep V center console also excels in versatility. In fact, Salt Water Sportsman [] described it as “a purposeful midsize center console ready to take on all challenges.”

A smooth, stable ride and exceptional performance makes the 262CC one of the top offshore boats available on the market today. A powerful deep-V hull, unsinkable Single Piece Infusion construction and up to 500 horsepower from twin Yamaha outboards, make this one highly-capable vessel.

Boaters can fish or cruise in comfort with a walk-in console complete with head, sink, shower and extra storage. Guests will enjoy relaxing in the comfortable U-shaped bow lounge. Anglers will love the 262 CC’s offshore fishing capabilities, complete with two insulated 120-quart in-floor fishboxes with pumpout, a 28-gallon transom baitwell, forward lockable rod storage and much more.

To learn more about Edgewater’s new 262 CC and 248 CX, contact us at Petzold’s Marine Center.