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Beginner’s Guide to Wakeboarding

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

Few things on the water are as thrilling as wakeboarding. While it might look difficult to do, you might be surprised to know that learning to wakeboard is actually pretty easy. Follow these tips and you’ll be wakeboarding in no time.

  1. If you’re not comfortable in water, start by putting the board and bindings on your feet and then swim around to get used to it.
  2. Decide which foot you’re comfortable leading with. The foot at the front of the board should be the one you instinctively put forward to get your balance.
  3. Use a short rope. A shorter-than-normal rope will eliminate much of the rope movement that often sinks beginners.
  4. Squat close to the board to make it easier to move into an upright position.
  5. Let your boat do the work. Keep your board on its side in the water and then let the boat swing the board into forward position.
  6. Place much of your weight on your front foot when getting up, but then shift it toward the back foot once you are up.
  7. Start slow. Going fast doesn’t help new wakeboarders get up. Instead, have the boat go slow and increase speed gradually.

The New Back Cove 32

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

backcove-logoBefore creating their newest model, Back Cove designers spoke with boaters to find out exactly how they used their boats and what they wanted to see in a boat. The result is the Back Cove 32, a luxuriously-designed vessel that is ideally suited for entertaining and cruising in comfort.

The Back Cove 32 excels in providing boaters with exceptional performance and uncompromising luxury. This boat’s attractive design and straight forward systems are sure to fetch envious glances from other boaters. And the Back Cove 32 gets extraordinary fuel efficiency from its single diesel engine, which means boaters won’t have to flinch at the fuel dock.

Packed with amenities, the Back Cove 32 is the perfect setting for onboard entertaining. The spacious cockpit features plenty of comfortable seating with underneath storage, ideal for relaxing after taking a dip off the large swim platform. The helm deck has a convertible dinette with high-gloss inlaid tables, making it easy to eat and socialize even while underway.

The cabin provides wonderful accommodations for a cruising couple, with an island double berth, a generous amount of storage and an attractive varnished cherry interior. The spacious galley has an electric two-burner cooktop, a refrigerator and freezer, a large stainless steel sink, a microwave and below-counter storage. There’s also a comfortable head to port with a separate shower stall to starboard.

To learn more about the Back Cove 32, click here: or contact us at Petzold’s Marine.

Create an Onboard First Aid Kit

Monday, November 14th, 2016

A boat is no place to suffer an injury. When you’re out on the water, you don’t have quick access to emergency medical care, and you likely don’t have a fully-stocked medicine cabinet like at home. That’s why it’s important to have a good first aid kit onboard so you can quickly help yourself or others. Here’s what should be in it.

  • A first aid instruction book to guide you in an emergency
  • Basics like adhesive bandages, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic cream and aspirin
  • Medication for stomach ailments like motion sickness, diarrhea and indigestion
  • Anti-itch lotion or cream
  • Chemical ice packs
  • Medical tools such as tweezers, scissors, gloves and cotton swabs
  • Clean towels to stop bleeding or wrap ice
  • Bottled water to rinse wounds
  • Butterfly bandages to close open wounds
  • Splint material to stabilize a broken bone
  • Bandages to wrap a wrist or ankle
  • Eye drops in case you get a substance in your eye
  • Burn cream or ointment

Boater’s Guide to Sag Harbor, New York

Monday, November 7th, 2016

With its gorgeous harbor, beautiful beaches and picturesque village, New York’s Sag Harbor is an ideal seaside community that has been a favorite among boaters for three centuries.

Once a vibrant whaling port, Sag Harbor used to be one of the world’s busiest ports. Herman Melville even wrote about Sag Harbor in four different chapters of his famous novel Moby Dick. Today, Sag Harbor attracts a different type of mariner with its perfect blend of historic charm and modern luxury. The village has carefully preserved much of its 18th- and 19th-century architecture, while boutiques, galleries and restaurants line its Main Street. And boaters come in everything from recreational powerboats to luxurious yachts to enjoy the community.

When entering Sag Harbor, pay careful attention to your charts and course, as boaters have been known to end up on the rocks. The harbor is also busy, so it helps to know ahead of time where you’re going. Once there, the village offers transient slips and moorings (; 631-725-2368). Also, Sag Harbor Yacht Club (; 631-725-0567) offers transient slips, fuel, electric and more.

If you enjoy fine food, you’ll quickly see you are in the right place. Sag Harbor is a foodie’s paradise, featuring a fantastic selection of restaurants. Set atop a yacht club, the Beacon Restaurant (; 631-725-7088) offers a spectacular view while serving a diverse menu. Sen (; 631.725.1774) offers a menu of inspiring Japanese dishes. And Muse in the Harbor (; 631-899-4810) features a New American menu heavy on local seafood, peppered with Long Island duck, steak and market-based nightly specials.

When in Sag Harbor, you’ll want to stroll the streets, enjoying the historic architecture and stopping into the many shops. You’ll also want to make time for the Sag Harbor Whaling and Historical Museum (; 631-725-0770), which includes a boat collection, displays of scrimshaw, model ships and more.

For more information on visit Sag Harbor, you can visit or contact the chamber of commerce (; 631-725-0011).

5 Catch and Release Fishing Tips

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

Any good fisherman should know how to reel in a fish and then release it unharmed. Practicing catch and release is an important part of fisheries conservation, and, nowadays, most fish species have regulations governing the size and number of fish you can catch. Here are some tips on how to safely release a fish.

  1. Use appropriate tackle. The longer a fish fights, the more exhausted it becomes, decreasing its chances of survival. And if your tackle is too light, it will prolong the battle. Using the right tackle will help you land your catch quickly.
  2. Use circle hooks with bait. Using circle hooks with natural bait reduces fish deaths because the design allows the hook to slide out of the fish’s throat and lock around the jaw hinge, rather than lodging in a fish’s stomach or gills.
  3. Use single hooks with lures. A single hook on an artificial lure usually causes less damage to a fish than a plug with multiple treble hooks. And a single hook makes it easier to release your catch.
  4. Keep your fish in the water. Keeping a fish in the water keeps its skin moist and provides its gills with oxygen. If you must remove it from the water, make sure your hands are wet, as dry hands can remove a fish’s protective mucous coating.
  5. Don’t use a net. A scratchy fishing net can also remove a fish’s protective mucous coating, as well as scales. And a net increases the chances your fish will get tangled. If you must use one, avoid nylon nets. Use a shallow net specifically designed for catch and release.

Winterizing Tips

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

wrap-up-boats-image1 – Start with a clean boat: Storing a clean boat will make sure that your boat looks remain good and reduce the work needed in the spring when it comes time to launch.

2 – Flush the cooling System: For inboard and stern drive engines with raw water cooling systems, thoroughly flush the engine with fresh water to remove salt, dirt and corrosion. Drain all the water from the engine. Run antifreeze into the cooling system by attaching a pick up hose from a container of antifreeze to the motor’s water pump.

3 – Change the fuel filters and add a marine fuel stabilizer to the boats fuel tank. Run the engine after adding the stabilizers to ensure it circulates through the system.

4 – Change your oils: Change the engine oils and filters on stern drive, inboard and four stroke outboards. Drain and refill your boats gear case oils if applicable.

5 – Check the boat from Bow to Stern: Check all systems and make a list of all items that need to be repaired before the boat is re launched.

6 – Moisture: Check bilges and remove any standing water and clean up any dirt and oil. Remove the boats bilge plugs. Place moisture absorbers in the boat to eliminate mold and mildew. Remove all cushions or prop them on edge to allow air to circulate.

7 – Remove and store whatever you can: To protect against moisture, theft or freeze damage, remove all un-needed items. Batteries should be removed to protect against freezing and charged periodically during the off season.

8 – Cover you investment: Always cover your boat and make sure that the cover is supported properly to prevent collapse from snow load. Tighten cover securing lines frequently to keep the cover tight.

These tips are meant to be guidelines, please read follow all manufactures procedures when winterizing and if not confident please contact a marine professional for service.

Express Cruiser 32

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015



Take back your weekend with the 32 Express and open your boating lifestyle to new possibilities. This express cruiser combines American craftsmanship with expanded sleeping accommodations and slide away seating to give serious boaters a sense of luxury on extended stays.


Choose to embrace individual style and taste in craftsmanship through an exclusive selection of unique innovations with interior and exterior options.


Length Overall 32′
Beam 10′ 4″
Draft-Drive Up-High Trim 21″
Draft-Drive Down 35″
Deadrise 21°
Approximate Dry Weight 12,650 Lbs
Bridge Clearance – PowerTower Up 9′ 10″
Bridge Clearance – PowerTower Down 7′ 7″
Fuel Capacity 150 Gal
Maximum Persons Capacity Yacht Certified
Water Capacity 36 Gal
Waste Capacity 29 Gal


Length Overall 9.8 M
Beam 3.2 M
Draft-Drive Up-High Trim 0.5 M
Draft-Drive Down 0.9 M
Deadrise 21°
Approximate Dry Weight 5737 Kg
Bridge Clearance – PowerTower Up 3.0 M
Bridge Clearance – PowerTower Down 2.3 M
Fuel Capacity 568 L
Maximum Persons Capacity CE 11
Water Capacity 136 L
Waste Capacity 109 L


Standard Features

Engine & Technical

Technical & Systems Features

  • 1

    Automatic Bilge Pump

    The automatic bilge pump takes action before you even realize what is wrong.

  • 01_9

    Battery Charger

    The standard battery charger will keep your starting and house battery fully charged when you have the shore power plugged in.

  • 01_12

    Dual Dockside Power

    Dual 30 amp dockside power connections and a 50 foot cord will keep everything powered.

  • 16

    Power Assisted Steering

    Nothing like fingertip control created by the power steering.

  • 04_2

    Trim Tabs

    The standard trim tabs give you complete control over your boat even in the roughest of seas.

  • 02_3

    Weather resistant Deutsch connectors

    On a Regal you’ll find Deutsch connectors for superior protection and durability.

  • 1_0

    Automatic Fire Suppression System

    An automatic fire extinguisher is sure to give any boater peace of mind.

  • 02_12

    Central Vacuum System

    No need to give up storage for a vacuum; your Regal has one built in.

  • 2

    NMMA, ABYC, USCG & CE Certified

    Regal makes sure that it meets the highest standards of safety in the industry.

  • 01_3

    Pressurized Water System

    A pressurized water system is standard, complete with sinks, water pump, tank, and a filter.

  • 06_1

    Water Heater

    Hot water is a must for your weekend outing and it comes standard on a Regal.

Engine Options

  • 01_0
    600 Horsepower

    Twin Merc 350 MAG MPI Bravo 3 Catalyst

    Drive: Bravo Three

  • 01_0
    600 Horsepower

    Twin Merc 350 MAG MPI Bravo 3 DTS*

    Drives: Bravo Three with Electronic *Not

  • 03_3
    440 Horsepower

    Twin Volvo Diesel D3 w/Joystick

    Drives: Duoprop with Electronic Shift

  • 02_6
    600 Horsepower

    Twin Volvo V8 300 DP*

    Drive: Duoprop

  • 04
    600 Horsepower

    Twin Volvo V8 300 EVC Joystick*

    Drives: Duoprop with Electronic *Not Available in USA

  • 01_0
    600 Horsepower

    Twin Merc 350 MAG MPI Bravo 3 DTS Catalyst

    Drives: Bravo Three with Electronic Shift

  • 01_0
    600 Horsepower

    Twin Merc 350 MAG MPI Bravo 3*

    Drives: Bravo Three *Not Available in USA

  • 04
    600 Horsepower

    Twin Volvo V8 300 DP Catalyst

    Drive: Duoprop

  • 02_6
    400 Horsepower

    Twin Volvo V8 300 EVC Catalyst Joystick

    Drive: Duoprop

Generator Options

  • 01_13

    Diesel 110V Generator

    Never a need to worry about a lack of power with the 110 volt generator.

  • 07_0

    Gas 110 Volt Generator

    Never a need to worry about a lack of power with the 110 volt generator.

Technical Options

  • 01_10

    Air Conditioning – with Reverse Heat

    Keep cool on a hot summer day, or warm up on your crisp morning ride.

  • 02_7

    Cruise Package

    Comes complete with fenders, dock lines, life vests, first aid kit, boat hook, and deck brush.

  • 03

    Grey Water System

  • 01_7

    Merc Axius – Premier

    Full 360 degree movement, both speed and direction with a simple push or twist of the joystick. Premier includes Skyhook, Autopilot…

  • 04_3

    Spotlight – Remote Control

    Keep an eye on the path ahead with this remote controlled spotlight.

  • 02_5

    Bow Thruster

    This transversal propulsion device tremendously increases maneuverability; docking becomes a breeze.

  • 01_2

    Gas Vapor Detector

    The gas vapor detector lets you know when fumes are in the air.

  • 01_7

    Merc Axius – Basic

    Full 360 degree movement. Intuitive, controlled and precise. Both speed and direction. A simple push or twist of the joystick.

  • 02_10

    Neutra Salt

    Available with Volvo gas engines.

  • 01_4

    Toilet Overboard Discharge

    Overboard discharge enables you to empty the tank within minutes. (requires electric toilet)

Interior Features

Aft Head Features

  • 01_13

    Vessel Sink

    A glass vessel sink is just another example of how Regals feature the latest trends and most stylish designs.

Aft Stateroom Features

  • 02_13

    Convertible Twin Beds

    The 32 Express has two over-sized twin berth that can zip together to form a king.

  • 03_10

    King Sized Bed

    The 32 Express is the only boat in its class to feature a king size bed.

  • 04_7

    Hanging Locker

    If a hanging locker in the aft cabin wasn’t enough, Regal hanging lockers are lined with cedar.

Cabin Features

  • 01_9

    Amtico Birch Flooring

    You can always expect the latest technology from Regal. The Birch flooring can get wet without incurring damage.

  • 02_12

    Floor Locker

    The floor locker is a perfect spot to store your larger items.

  • 02_4

    Positive Locking Doors

    A standard on all Regals is positive locking doors, keeping things closed even in the rough seas.

  • 01_80

    Central Vacuum System

    No need to give up storage for a vacuum; your Regal has one built in.

  • 02_2

    Fusion Marine Sound – 2 cabin speakers

    Two 200 watt Fusion speakers make the cabin sound like a home theater.

Forward Head Features

  • 01_13

    Vessel Sink

    A glass vessel sink is just another example of how Regals feature the latest trends and most stylish designs.

Forward Stateroom Features

  • 01_15

    Carbon Monoxide Detector

    Safety is standard on a Regal. Case in point: the cabin carbon monoxide detector.

  • 02_15

    Innerspring Mattress

    The forward berth comes complete with an innerspring mattress. On many other Express’ you will find foam here.

  • 03_11

    Convertible Forward Berth

    The convertible forward berth is what you should expect from the most versatile boat in it’s class.

Galley Features

  • 04_8

    Cherry Finished Cabinetry

    The Cherry finished cabinetry reminds you why you bought a Regal.

Head Features

  • 03_4

    Electric Head

    You can always expect the latest technology from Regal. Case in point: a standard silent flush electric head instead of vacuflush.

  • 04_2

    Stainless Towel Rack

    The amenities of home: a dedicated towel rack to dry your wet towels.

  • 02_5

    Separate Shower Head

    Many cruisers feature a sink spigot that converts to a shower head, on this boat a separate shower head and sink faucet are standard.

  • 03

    Toilet Paper Holder

    Regals feature designated storage for all of your amenities.

Salon Features

  • 01_16

    32″ LED TV

    Many yachts in this class feature small televisions, the Regal features a full sized 32″ LED TV.

  • 02_16


    A 4.2 cubic foot refrigerator will store more than enough for your next boating adventure.

  • 03_12

    Hand Crafted Cabinetry

    The high gloss cherry cabinetry and drawers look stunning when entering the cabin. More stunning is the finish inside and out.

Appliance Options

  • 05_1

    Alcohol/Electric Stove

    Meal preparations are a breeze.

Bedding Options

  • 01_12


    Sleep in comfort with the cool gray Dawn Comforter option.

  • 02_12


    Warm up your cabin with the Pearl Comforter option.

Cabin Options

  • 01_12

    Convertible Salon Berth

    The convertible forward berth is what you should expect from the most versatile boat in it’s class: the 32 Express.

Countertops – Galley Options

  • 01_6

    Dawn with Anchors Away Pillows

  • 02_6

    Dawn with Morning Dew Pillows

  • 03_5

    Pearl with Anchors Away Pillows

  • 04_3

    Pearl with Morning Dew Pillows

  • 05_2

    Dawn with Midnight Bloom Pillows

  • 06

    Dawn with River Rock Pillows

  • 07

    Pearl with Midnight Bloom Pillows

  • 08

    Pearl with River Rock Pillows

Mid Cabin Options

  • 04_3

    Bedding Package

    Customize your mid cabin to your preference with the choice of 8 bedding package options.

  • 03_10

    Innerspring Mattress

    Don’t sacrifice comfort and a good night’s sleep just because you’re on-board.

Pillow Package Options

  • 03_5

    Anchors Aweigh

  • 04_3

    Morning Dew

  • 05_2

    Midnight Bloom

  • 08

    River Rock

Sofa fabric Options

  • 05_3

    Dulce Dune Leather Touch

    A soft, light cream colored leather-like material.

  • 06_0

    King Sand Fabric

    Plush cream fabric makes a soft place to relax at the end of a day

Exterior Features & Options

Cockpit Features

  • 1

    Courtesy Blue LED Lights

    With the standard blue LED cockpit lights, your boat is sure to make a statement at the dock.

  • 2

    Fusion Marine Sound – 4 Cockpit Speakers

    The best sound begins with the best equipment. That means four 200 watt Fusion cockpit speakers with an IP65 waterproof rating.

  • 06_5

    Gas Assisted Rams on Storage Compartments

    The gas assisted rams on the storage compartments allow for hands free access.

  • 01_85

    Single Level Cockpit Sole

    No need to separate the guests, or the party. The single level cockpit sole keeps everyone on the same level and in view of the.

  • 12

    Stainless Drink Holders

    Regal’s stainless drink holders will last longer than the competitors’ plastic ones.

  • 06_15

    Transom Shower

    The transom shower will help keep the salt out of the cockpit and can give the body a good rinse.

  • 02_65

    Upholstery Packages

    Choose between Gulf Coast White or Boca Raton two tone.

  • 06_2

    Fiberglass Cockpit Liner

    Lighter and stronger than wood, this liner ensures that all water will flow to the appropriate drain and not be absorbed.

  • 07_4

    Fusion Stereo Bluetooth

    Get the best sound out of the best equipment… wirelessly.

  • 3

    MarineTred Non-Skid

    Diamond MarineTred is incorporated into the mold for a superior finish. It’s less abrasive and easier to clean.

  • 02_78

    Slide-Away Cockpit Seating

    Extend the cockpit of the 32 Express with just the push of a button.

  • 03_54

    Teak Cockpit Table

    Don’t dine on plastic. Enjoy the teak cockpit table.

  • 04_30


    The unique 4-position UltraLounge creates the most versatile transom in its class.

Helm Features

  • 01_86

    5-Position Tilt Steering Wheel

    The standard tilting steering wheel with sport grip adjusts to the preference of every captain.

  • 01_26

    Digital Depth Sounder

    The digital depth sounder with shallow water alarm will help you keep your boat in a safe depth.

  • 03_45

    Fusion 700i Marine Stereo Remote

    When you’re ready to take control of your tunes, the Fusion remote gives you complete access to all of your music.

  • 02_29

    Trim Tab Controls

    The standard trim tabs give you complete control over your boat even in the roughest of seas.

  • 01_74


    A standard compass will help keep you on course at all times.

  • 02_16

    Faria Gauges

    The Black Faria gauges not only give you the information you need but also turn the dash into a piece of art.

  • 02_79

    Hand Wrapped Steering Wheel

    Regal’s feature a premium hand wrapped steering wheel, an option on many competitors.

  • 01_45

    Twin Binnacle Controls

    When you’re ready to take command, the twin binnacle controls place all the horsepower at your fingertips.

Hull & Deck Features

  • 01_46

    Bow Anchor Locker

    A dedicated bow anchor locker will keep you from dragging a wet anchor through the boat.

  • 01_0

    Composite Stringers

    Regals feature all composite stringers, making the boat stronger and lighter.

  • 01_87

    Double Wide Helm Seat

    A captain is not worth his salt without his mate by his side.

  • 03_0

    Fiberglass Ladder Cover

    The 3-rung swim platform ladder is recessed beneath a fiberglass hatch, keeping it safely tucked away when not in use.

  • 02_80

    Large Hull Side Windows

    Large windows in the salon, galley, and on both sides of the mid-cabin provide an abundance of natural light.

  • 3

    MarineTred Non-Skid

    Diamond MarineTred is incorporated into the mold for a superior finish. It’s less abrasive and easier to clean.

  • 12_0

    OceanTrac Hull Design

    A unique and individually designed hull that balances the load of the ships systems, allowing it to turn tight, track straight.

  • 03_55


    Folding your tower is as quick as a touch of a button.

  • 022614btip-6202

    Stainless Deck Hardware

    Regals feature upgraded 316 grade stainless hardware.

  • 15_0

    Stainless Rub Rail

    Regal’s stainless rub rail not only looks good, but also offers added protection.

  • 17

    Vinyl Ester Barrier Coating

    The additional layer of resin coating provides superior protection against hull blistering.

  • 12_0

    C. Raymond Hunt Hull

    C. Raymond Hunt hulls have a reputation for providing the best ride in the industry. The 32 Express provides a soft, dry and.

  • 09_6

    Dockside Water Inlet

    Keep your water tank full, you never know what the day has in store.

  • 10_0

    Electric Horn with Stainless Cover

    The horn with stainless cover is a perfect example of how Regal combines form with function.

  • 02_5

    In-Mold Gelcoat Boot Stripe

    This superior gel finish will last longer than taped-on vinyl graphics.

  • 12_0

    Limited Lifetime Hull Warranty

    Regal was the first manufacturer to offer a Lifetime Hull Warranty.

  • 02_69

    Navigation Lights

    When it comes to boating at night, Regal has you covered with navigation lights standard.

  • 03_47

    One Piece Bow Rail

    The one piece and 316 grade stainless steel bow rail just reminds you why to buy the superior quality and finish of a Regal.

  • 12_4

    Stainless Cleats

    Regal features six 8″ stainless steel cleats which won’t rust or break over time.

  • 06_0

    Stainless Fuel Fitting

    Regal uses stainless where others use plastic.

  • 03_8

    Transom Trim Switch

    There is no need to climb into the boat to adjust the trim when trailering.

Windshield & Canvas Features

  • 02_18

    Stainless Steel Windshield Header

    An anodized aluminum windshield header may be the industry norm, but Regal owners much prefer the standard stainless.

  • 02_68

    Windshield Wiper

    No need to fear the rain with a standard windshield wiper.

Canvas Options

  • 04

    Cockpit Cover

    The traditional snap on cockpit cover is perfect when you are keeping your boat in a boat house or floating slip.

Cockpit Options

  • 01_3

    Cockpit Carpet

    When you’re looking for something easy on the feet and with more luxury, the package matched carpet is too good to pass up.

  • 03_2

    Cockpit Seagrass Mat

    The optional Seagrass mat is durable, stain resistant and soft on the feet.

  • 01_88

    Cockpit Refrigerator

    The electric cockpit refrigerator provides for extra food and drink storage, as well as easy access.

  • 02_81

    Electric Grill for Wetbar

    Enjoy quick and easy lunch preparation.

Cockpit Upholstery Options

  • 02_65

    Boca Raton Two-Tone

    Plush, two-toned blend of cream and light tan.

  • 02_70

    Platinum Two-Tone

    A combination of grays and whites give your cockpit a new and modern feel.

  • 03_48

    Gulf Coast White

    Simple and elegant, gulf coast white with cream accents gives your upholstery a fresh, clean look.

Deck & Hull Options

  • 01_89

    Companionway Screen Door

    Shut the screen door for some extra privacy without losing all of the natural ambiance.

  • 01_49

    Extended Swim Platform

    The extended swim platform is low to the water making water sports activities easier.

  • 04_29

    Foredeck Sunpad

    It’s the perfect place to get some sun and enjoy the fresh air.

  • 02_82

    Underwater Lighting

    For those looking to make a statement, the underwater lights will turn heads.

  • 16_0

    Docking Lights

    Night time boating has become very popular. The docking lights allow you to come home safely from a late night adventure.

  • 02_11

    Fender Clips – 4

    No more tying and untying knots. Attach boat fenders quickly and securely with these fender clips.

  • 02_34

    Through Stem Anchor Windlass

    The stainless steel claw anchor adds a nice touch of elegance to your boat and is easy to use.

Transom Flooring Options

  • 01_49

    Flexiteek for integrated and extended Swim Platform

    A favorite with boaters, this addition creates a classic look.

  • 01_49

    Flexiteek for Swim Platform

    A favorite with all boaters, this addition creates a classic look.

Entertainment & Navigation Options

Entertainment Options

  • 01_1

    Cockpit TV 22″

    Raise the TV from within the counter with just the touch of a button to watch some football or your favorite show while enjoying…

  • 02_0

    Stereo Satellite Tuner with Antenna

    The satellite radio gives you the ability to find the station that is just right for you.

  • 01

    Stereo High Performance Package

    With the stereo performance package, you receive two additional bow speakers and a heart pounding amplifier to power them.

  • 02_0

    TV – Mid Cabin

    All the comforts of home, while on the water.

Navigation Options

  • 02_72

    Garmin 100 VHF Radio

    The Garmin VHF 100 marine receiver features intuitive design and provides radio communication to enhance convenience and safety.

  • 01_2

    Garmin GPS 741

    An amazing chartplotter with a 7″ touchscreen display allows for easy visibility, day or night, will be the focal point of your.

  • 02_1

    Garmin GPS 741

    An amazing chartplotter with a 7″ touchscreen display allows for easy visibility, day or night, will be the focal point of your.



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