The trailer friendly 8’ 6” beam gives you the freedom to explore. The 28 Express’ largest in class head compartment, queen size mid cabin and most cockpit seating just help you explore more comfortably.


Choose to embrace individual style and taste in craftsmanship through an exclusive selection of unique innovations with interior and exterior options.


Length Overall 28′ 10″
Beam 8′ 6″
Draft-Drive Up-High Trim 22″
Deadrise 18°
Approximate Dry Weight 7585 Lbs
Estimated Height On Trailer – Top of Windshield 10′ 7″
Boat Height – Windshield To Keel 8′ 10″
Bridge Clearance – PowerTower Up 9′ 8″
Bridge Clearance – PowerTower Down 8′ 1″
Bridge Clearance – No PowerTower 7′ 3″
Cockpit Depth – Helm 29″
Cockpit Storage 34 Cu. Ft
Maximum Capacity Persons Yacht Certified
Maximum Capacity Persons & Gear 2100 Lbs
Fuel Capacity 73 Gal
Fresh Water Capacity 20 Gal
Waste Tank Capacity 18 Gal


Length Overall 8.78 M
Beam 2.6 M
Draft-Drive Up-High Trim 0.56 M
Deadrise 18°
Approximate Dry Weight 3440 Kg
Estimated Height On Trailer – Top of Windshield 3.2 M
Boat Height – Windshield To Keel 2.7 M
Bridge Clearance – PowerTower Up 2.9 M
Bridge Clearance – PowerTower Down 2.4 M
Bridge Clearance – No PowerTower 2.2 M
Cockpit Depth – Helm 0.7 M
Cockpit Storage 0.96 Cu. M
Maximum Capacity Persons CE 8
Maximum Capacity Persons & Gear 953 Kg
Fuel Capacity 276 L
Fresh Water Capacity 75 L
Waste Tank Capacity 68 L


Standard Features

Engine & Technical

Technical & Systems Features

  • 1

    Automatic Bilge Pump

    The automatic bilge pump takes action before you even realize what is wrong.

  • 01_9

    Battery Charger

    The standard battery charger will keep your starting and house battery fully charged when you have the shore power plugged in.

  • 02_9

    Dual Battery Switch

    Regal features a smart battery management system. Using one battery for starting and the other for all your electronics. Of course.

  • 03_5

    Power Assisted Steering

    Nothing like fingertip control created by the power steering.

  • 04_2

    Trim Tabs

    The standard trim tabs give you complete control over your boat even in the roughest of seas.

  • 02_3

    Weather resistant Deutsch connectors

    On a Regal you’ll find Deutsch connectors for superior protection and durability.

  • 1_0

    Automatic Fire Suppression System

    An automatic fire extinguisher is sure to give any boater peace of mind.

  • 05_0

    Dockside Power

    A 30 amp shore power connection and 50 foot cord are standard on a Regal.

  • 2

    NMMA, ABYC, USCG & CE Certified

    Regal makes sure that it meets the highest standards of safety in the industry.

  • 01_3

    Pressurized Water System

    A pressurized water system is standard, complete with sinks, water pump, tank, and a filter.

  • 06_1

    Water Heater

    Hot water is a must for your weekend outing and it comes standard on a Regal.

Engine Options

  • 01_0
    300 Horsepower

    Merc 350 Magnum MPI Bravo 3 Catalyst

    Drive: Bravo Three

  • 04
    300 Horsepower

    Volvo V8 300 DP Catalyst

    Drive: Duoprop

  • 02_1
    380 Horsepower

    Volvo V8 380 DP Catalyst

    Drive: Duoprop

  • 01_0
    300 Horsepower

    Merc 350 Magnum MPI Bravo 3*

    Drive: Bravo Three *Not Available in USA

  • 04
    300 Horsepower

    Volvo V8 300 DP*

    Drive: DP – Duoprop with Electronic Shift *Not Available in USA

Generator Options

  • 07_0

    Gas 110 Volt Generator

    Never a need to worry about a lack of power with the 110 volt generator.

Technical Options

  • 01_10

    Air Conditioning – with Reverse Heat

    Keep cool on a hot summer day, or warm up on your crisp morning ride.

  • 01_2

    Gas Vapor Detector

    The gas vapor detector lets you know when fumes are in the air.

  • 02_10

    Neutra Salt

    Available with Volvo gas engines.

  • 01_4

    Toilet Overboard Discharge

    Overboard discharge enables you to empty the tank within minutes. (requires electric toilet)

  • 02_5

    Bow Thruster

    This transversal propulsion device tremendously increases maneuverability; docking becomes a breeze.

  • 03

    Grey Water System

  • 04_3

    Spotlight – Remote Control

    Keep an eye on the path ahead with this remote controlled spotlight.

  • 05_1

    Transom trim switch

    The transom trim switch gives you the ability to easily raise and lower your drive while in water or on a trailer.

Interior Features

Aft Stateroom Features

  • 01_3

    Queen Sized Berth

    The astute observer will notice the absence of cookies or a teddy bear laying on the berth. That’s because the 28 Express features.

Cabin Features

  • 01_1

    Carbon Monoxide Detector

    Safety is standard on a Regal. Case in point: the cabin carbon monoxide detector.

  • 02_2

    Fusion Marine Sound – 2 cabin speakers

    Two 200 watt Fusion speakers make the cabin sound like a home theater.

  • 01_4

    Hull Side Picture Windows

    Just because you go below decks doesn’t mean you should leave the view behind. The 28 Express is the only boat in its class that.

  • 02_4

    Positive Locking Doors

    A standard on all Regals is positive locking doors, keeping things closed even in the rough seas.

  • 03_3

    Fusion 700i Marine Stereo

    The Fusion radio has full integration for your iPod/iPhone which can be enclosed in a waterproof dock, as well as AM/FM/VHF radio.

  • 04_1

    Hanging Rack

    The 28 Express allows you to bring many things, but with plenty of hanging space to keep clothes wrinkle free, an iron won’t.

  • 01_4

    LeatherCrest Cabin Upholstery

    LeatherCrest provides the warm look and feel of leather but is easier to maintain.

Head Features

  • 01_5

    6′ Head Room

    The 28 Express features the largest head in it’s class, including 6-foot standing headroom.

  • 02_5

    Separate Shower Head

    Many cruisers feature a sink spigot that converts to a shower head, on this boat a separate shower head and sink faucet are standard.

  • 03

    Toilet Paper Holder

    Regals feature designated storage for all of your amenities.

  • 03_4

    Electric Head

    You can always expect the latest technology from Regal. Case in point: a standard silent flush electric head instead of vacuflush.

  • 04_2

    Stainless Towel Rack

    The amenities of home: a dedicated towel rack to dry your wet towels.

Appliance Options

  • 05_1

    Alcohol/Electric Stove

    Meal preparations are a breeze.

Bedding Options

  • 05_1

    Alcohol/Electric Stove

    Meal preparations are a breeze.

  • 05_1

    Alcohol/Electric Stove

    Meal preparations are a breeze.

  • 05_1

    Alcohol/Electric Stove

    Meal preparations are a breeze.

  • 05_1

    Alcohol/Electric Stove

    Meal preparations are a breeze.

  • 05_1

    Alcohol/Electric Stove

    Meal preparations are a breeze.

  • 05_1

    Alcohol/Electric Stove

    Meal preparations are a breeze.

  • 05_1

    Alcohol/Electric Stove

    Meal preparations are a breeze.

  • 05_1

    Alcohol/Electric Stove

    Meal preparations are a breeze.

Bedding Options

  • 01_6

    Dawn with Anchors Away Pillows

  • 02_6

    Dawn with Morning Dew Pillows

  • 03_5

    Pearl with Anchors Away Pillows

  • 04_3

    Pearl with Morning Dew Pillows

  • 05_2

    Dawn with Midnight Bloom Pillows

  • 06

    Dawn with River Rock Pillows

  • 07

    Pearl with Midnight Bloom Pillows

  • 08

    Pearl with River Rock Pillows

Countertops – Galley Options

  • 01_7


    Bright white and light speckled counters really open up a room.

  • 02_7


    Bright white swirls with black speckling creates a very classic look.

  • 03_6

    Radiant Shimmer

    A combination of baltic brown and midnight black, Radiant shimmer has a sparkle that catches even the most untrained eye.

Flooring – Salon & Galley Options

  • 04_4

    Birch with Rosewood

    Earthy natural brown is highlighted with warm chocolate stripes.

Sofa fabric Options

  • 05_3

    Dulce Dune Leather Touch

    A soft, light cream colored leather-like material.

  • 06_0

    King Sand Fabric

    Plush cream fabric makes a soft place to relax at the end of a day

Exterior Features & Options

Cockpit Features

  • 1

    Courtesy Blue LED Lights

    With the standard blue LED cockpit lights, your boat is sure to make a statement at the dock.

  • 06_2

    Fiberglass Cockpit Liner

    Lighter and stronger than wood, this liner ensures that all water will flow to the appropriate drain and not be absorbed.

  • 2

    Fusion Marine Sound – 4 Cockpit Speakers

    The best sound begins with the best equipment. That means four 200 watt Fusion cockpit speakers with an IP65 waterproof rating.

  • 3

    MarineTred Non-Skid

    Diamond MarineTred is incorporated into the mold for a superior finish. It’s less abrasive and easier to clean.

  • 01_73

    Removable Cooler

    The 28 Express features a removable 25 quart Igloo cooler that will handle even the thirstiest of crews.

  • 08_2

    Stainless Hand Rails

    Regals feature stainless hand rails, not plastic.

  • 04_22

    Trash Receptacle

    Regals come standard with a trash receptacle which has dedicated storage.

  • 02_65

    Upholstery Packages

    Choose between Gulf Coast White or Boca Raton two tone.

  • 03_44

    Face-To-Face Cockpit Seating

    Versatility. Use your cockpit for face-to-face seating for four or lounging and sunbathing for two.

  • 04_26

    Foredeck Steps

    The foredeck steps are very wide and integrated into the door. Only Regal uses upgraded Harken bearings which can easily handle.

  • 07_4

    Fusion Stereo Bluetooth

    Get the best sound out of the best equipment… wirelessly.

  • 05_18

    Refreshment Center

    For those looking to entertain, the standard refreshment center with sink, cup holders, and cooler is the perfect fit.

  • 12

    Stainless Drink Holders

    Regal’s stainless drink holders will last longer than the competitors’ plastic ones.

  • 06_15

    Transom Shower

    The transom shower will help keep the salt out of the cockpit and can give the body a good rinse.

  • 07_14


    The UltraLounge gives the 28 Express transom all the versatility of a bowrider with the functionality of a cruiser.

Helm Features

  • 01

    12 Volt Accessory Plug

    Regal engineers think of everything. They even included a 12v plug for your spotlight.

  • 01_74


    A standard compass will help keep you on course at all times.

  • 02_66

    Double Wide Helm Seat

    A captain is not worth his salt without his mate by his side.

  • 03_45

    Fusion 700i Marine Stereo Remote

    When you’re ready to take control of your tunes, the Fusion remote gives you complete access to all of your music.

  • 04

    Stainless Binnacle Control with Safety Lanyard

    Comfort and safety go hand in hand when at the helm.

  • 04_27

    Anti-Glare Dash

    Regal Express cruisers feature chocolate colored dashes with an anti-glare finish at the helm to give you a clear eye on the.

  • 01_26

    Digital Depth Sounder

    The digital depth sounder with shallow water alarm will help you keep your boat in a safe depth.

  • 02_16

    Faria Gauges

    The Black Faria gauges not only give you the information you need but also turn the dash into a piece of art.

  • 01_54

    Hand Wrapped Steering Wheel

    Regals feature a premium hand-wrapped steering wheel for the utmost comfort and control.

  • 02_29

    Trim Tab Controls

    The standard trim tabs give you complete control over your boat even in the roughest of seas.

Hull & Deck Features

  • 07_15

    Anchor Bay

    The first mate will enjoy the flat foredeck when working the anchor or bow lines.

  • 08_10

    Bow Rail

    The one piece bow rail is made out of 316-grade stainless steel.

  • 01_59

    Deck Hatch with Privacy Screen

    Let the cool weather in but keep the bugs out with the deck hatch and screen.

  • 09_6

    Dockside Water Inlet

    Keep your water tank full, you never know what the day has in store.

  • 10_6

    Electrically Actuated Forward-Opening Engine Compartment

    The forward opening engine hatch keeps the mechanic out of your boat

  • 11_5

    Fender and Dock Line Storage

    When your ready to start your cruise, dedicated storage for all your fenders and dock lines will make it easy on the first mate.

  • 02_5

    In-Mold Gelcoat Boot Stripe

    This superior gel finish will last longer than taped-on vinyl graphics.

  • 3

    MarineTred Non-Skid

    Diamond MarineTred is incorporated into the mold for a superior finish. It’s less abrasive and easier to clean.

  • 12_0

    OceanTrac Hull Design

    A unique and individually designed hull that balances the load of the ships systems, allowing it to turn tight, track straight.

  • 12_4

    Stainless Cleats

    Regal features six 8″ stainless steel cleats which won’t rust or break over time.

  • 06_0

    Stainless Fuel Fitting

    Regal uses stainless where others use plastic.

  • 16_0

    Stainless Steel Bow Scuff Plate with Lifting Eye

    The stainless bow scuff plate protects the gelcoat from trailer chocks and provides for a lifting eye.

  • 17

    Vinyl Ester Barrier Coating

    The additional layer of resin coating provides superior protection against hull blistering.

  • 01_76

    Anchor Roller

    Your next Regal comes standard with an anchor roller and stainless steel guard plate to keep your foredeck free of scratches.

  • 01_0

    Composite Stringers

    Regals feature all composite stringers, making the boat stronger and lighter.

  • 02_68

    Deck Vents

    Along with the large picture windows in the salon, two overhead deck vents will make this the brightest express in it’s class.

  • 10_6

    Electric Forward Opening Engine Hatch

    Aside from superior engine room access, the forward opening engine hatch keeps routine service work and maintenance out of the.

  • 01_77

    Extended Swim Platform

    The extended swim platform is low to the water making water sports activities easier.

  • 03_0

    Fiberglass Ladder Cover

    The 3-rung swim platform ladder is recessed beneath a fiberglass hatch, keeping it safely tucked away when not in use.

  • 12_0

    Limited Lifetime Hull Warranty

    Regal was the first manufacturer to offer a Lifetime Hull Warranty.

  • 02_69

    Navigation Lights

    When it comes to boating at night, Regal has you covered with navigation lights standard.

  • 03_47

    One Piece Bow Rail

    The one piece and 316 grade stainless steel bow rail just reminds you why to buy the superior quality and finish of a Regal.

  • 022614btip-6202

    Stainless Deck Hardware

    Regals feature upgraded 316 grade stainless hardware.

  • 15_0

    Stainless Rub Rail

    Regal’s stainless rub rail not only looks good, but also offers added protection.

  • [SinglePic not found]

    Swim Platform Cleats

    When ready to tie up in the slip, two 8″ swim platform cleats pop-up and will keep your lines free from crossing your swim platform.

Windshield & Canvas Features

  • 04

    Bimini Top

    The Bimini top features Sunbrella canvas and stainless bows and will shade the entire cockpit on a warm day.

  • 01_76

    Stainless Windshield Header

    An anodized aluminum windshield header may be the industry norm, but Regal owners much prefer the standard stainless.

  • 02_68

    Windshield Wiper

    No need to fear the rain with a standard windshield wiper.

  • 02_18

    Stainless Steel Windshield Header

    An anodized aluminum windshield header may be the industry norm, but Regal owners much prefer the standard stainless.

  • 03_15

    Tinted, Tempered and Curved Windshield

    When you buy a Regal, you know you are buying an un-compromised product. Regals feature a stylish one-piece windshield.

Canvas Options

  • 04

    Cockpit Cover

    The traditional snap on cockpit cover is perfect when you are keeping your boat in a boat house or floating slip.

  • 04

    Travel/Storage Cover (Black)

    The travel and storage cover protects your boat from the rub-rail up and can stay on while you are towing.

  • 02_39

    Full Enclosure

    The front, side, & aft connectors enclose your cockpit and keep out unwanted weather.

Cockpit Options

  • 01_3

    Cockpit Carpet

    When you’re looking for something easy on the feet and with more luxury, the package matched carpet is too good to pass up.

  • 01_77

    Cockpit Seagrass Mat

    The optional Seagrass mat is durable, stain resistant and soft on the feet.

  • 02_69

    Cockpit Refrigerator

    The electric cockpit refrigerator provides for extra food and drink storage, as well as easy access.

  • 03_47

    Cockpit Table Aft – Teak

    Enjoy the beautiful grains and texture of this sturdy table during an afternoon meal.

Cockpit Upholstery Options

  • 03_44

    Boca Raton Two-Tone

    Plush, two-toned blend of cream and light tan.

  • 02_70

    Platinum Two-Tone

    A combination of grays and whites give your cockpit a new and modern feel.

  • 03_48

    Gulf Coast White

    Simple and elegant, gulf coast white with cream accents gives your upholstery a fresh, clean look.

Deck & Hull Options

  • 01_29

    Anchor Windlass Deck Mount

    The stainless steel claw anchor adds a nice touch of elegance to your boat and is easy to use.

  • 04_29

    Foredeck Sunpad

    It’s the perfect place to get some sun and enjoy the fresh air.

  • 02_11

    Fender Clips – 4

    No more tying and untying knots. Attach boat fenders quickly and securely with these fender clips.

  • 02_34

    Underwater Lighting (Two LED Light Bars)

    For those looking to make a statement, the underwater lights will turn heads.

Tower Options

  • 01_78

    PowerTower – Black

    The perfect place to pull a skier, mount your speakers or store your boards. Lowers with a push of a button.

  • 02_71

    PowerTower – White

    The perfect place to pull a skier, mount your speakers or store your boards. Lowers with a push of a button.

Transom Flooring Options

  • 05_17

    Flexiteek for Swim Platform

    A favorite with all boaters, this addition creates a classic look.

Entertainment & Navigation Options

Entertainment Options

  • 13_2

    Stereo High Performance Package

    Nothing is more crisp to the ears than 780 watts of raw sound with a 400 watt kicker.

  • 01_79

    TV – Flatscreen with DVD player

    Enjoy all the luxuries of home, while on the water.

  • 01_52

    Stereo Satellite Tuner with Antenna

    The satellite radio gives you the ability to find the station that is just right for you.

Navigation Options

  • 02_72

    Garmin 100 VHF Radio

    The Garmin VHF 100 marine receiver features intuitive design and provides radio communication to enhance convenience and safety.

  • 03_49

    Garmin GPS 741

    An amazing chartplotter with a 7″ touchscreen display allows for easy visibility, day or night, will be the focal point of your.



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