Ocean Yachts inaugurated its Odyssey class in 2002 in the belief that the Age of Discovery belongs to every generation that has the curiosity, the ambition, and the thirst to explore territory beyond the horizon.

With wide beams and extraordinary interior volumes, Odyssey models attract discriminating cruisers who insist on luxury, styling, speed, and performance not ordinarily associated with motor yachts. They are characterized by extravagant comfort, with every attention paid to the amenities that make even long on-water stays an unqualified pleasure for all.

With their wheelhouse style bridge and opulently furnished salon and staterooms, Ocean Odysseys are, without doubt, one of production yachting’s most hospitable platforms for graceful offshore living.

The Age of Discovery continues for another generation of, but without the rigors and hardships of endured by the adventurers of the past.

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