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We have dedicated a page to each sailboat model: Sabre Spirit, Sabre 386, Sabre 426, and Sabre 456. Within these pages you will find detailed breakdowns on each boat, as well as internal and external photographs of the different models. You will also be able to request information about any of the boats in which you are interested, or find the address and telephone number of the dealer nearest you.

Enjoy the material that we have prepared for you, and if you have any questions, please contact us by telephone at (207) 655-3831 or complete our Contact form.


Sabre sailing yachts are medium displacement, performance cruising yachts, blending the comfort of cruising, the capacity for bluewater passagemaking, and the capability of race winning performance.

Sabre’s first design, the Sabre 28, was developed from an extensive tank testing program at Stevens Institute. Today, Computer Aided Design techniques and performance prediction programs have allowed Sabre to take the latest Jim Taylor’s hull lines directly from the drawing board to the tooling shop. Sabre’s design developments have been evolutionary as opposed to revolutionary, and have always remained true to the design philosophy of performance and traditional styling balanced with safety and comfort. Jim Taylor’s work is primarily in hull design, underwater appendage and basic rig plans, and is complemented by the Sabre Design Team in developing the full details of the deck and interior accommodation layout.

Sabre sailing yachts are designed for a high load carrying capacity, and stability is achieved both by hull form and by high ballast-to-displacement ratios. Efficient keel shapes allow optimum lift and provide excellent performance as well as close upwind pointing angles.

Sail plans are developed to offer the best possible balance of light air performance and heavy weather stability. Sail areas are selected to allow a full mainsail and 150% genoa to be comfortably carried up to 14 knots of wind. This “rule of thumb” will vary depending on the sail cut and rig tension of individual boats.

Sabre’s designs are not wet race boats nor are they heavy displacement “tanks”. They are comfortable, fast and highly refined yachts which evoke a pride of ownership and are a true pleasure to sail.

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