Beginner’s Guide to Wake boarding

Few things on the water are as thrilling as wake boarding. While it might look difficult to do, you might be surprised to know that learning to wakeboard is actually pretty easy. Follow these tips and you’ll be wakeboarding in no time.

  1. If you’re not comfortable in water, start by putting the board and bindings on your feet and then swim around to get used to it.
  2. Decide which foot you’re comfortable leading with. The foot at the front of the board should be the one you instinctively put forward to get your balance.
  3. Use a short rope. A shorter-than-normal rope will eliminate much of the rope movement that often sinks beginners.
  4. Squat close to the board to make it easier to move into an upright position.
  5. Let your boat do the work. Keep your board on its side in the water and then let the boat swing the board into forward position.
  6. Place much of your weight on your front foot when getting up, but then shift it toward the back foot once you are up.
  7. Start slow. Going fast doesn’t help new wake boarders get up. Instead, have the boat go slow and increase speed gradually.