Employee Appreciation

Congratulations on 32 years of service Dale!
Dale Uhlman has been a valuable part of the Petzold’s Team for over 32 years. Dale acquired many of his talents while working for several boat builders, one of which was Albin yachts in Cos Cob, CT. Dale can fix, repair or build almost anything ranging from fiberglass to woodwork. His talents also include the repair and installation of complex electronic systems, thrusters, automatic shades and dinghy lifts. Although Dale’s talents are reflected in the day to day operations at Petzold’s, it would be remiss not to mention that a majority of our facility upgrades have been done by Dale. Someone complimented Dale on a job that he completed and asked him, “Dale, is there anything that you can’t do?” True to fashion, taking into account Dale’s modesty, he replied “Well, I can’t weld” and continued on with his day. We are very fortunate to have such a talented individual.
Congratulations on 35 years of service Jack! 
Jack Thisdale, a thirty-five-year employee at Petzold’s, is one of the reasons customers trust our service department and why we take such pride in it. As a senior member of the team, Jack is extremely knowledgeable and therefore trusted to mentor our newest members in the Service Department. Jack’s knowledge spans the full spectrum of service, from simple repairs to the daunting task of rebuilding an engine. He can install the most elaborate electronic systems and has been aptly nicknamed as Petzold’s very own “Jack of all Trades.” Jack’s training in repairs is extensive and impressive. He’s tackled repairs on Mercruisers, Crusader and Yanmar engines and even possesses the knowledge to repair Kohler generators. Jack sports an impressive understanding of marine systems, specializing in some of our largest boats. You may not know Jack personally, but if you’ve had repairs done at Petzold’s, rest assured, your boat does. Please join us in congratulating Jack on his thirty-five years of exemplary service to Petzold’s and its valued customers.