Great Accessories to Add to Your Boat

For many people, having their own personal boat is a dream come true. However, even the best boat can be even better with the right extras and accessories. These items can make your boat more fun and enjoyable, as well as more amenable to your purposes and needs. Whatever the case may be, add these awesome items to your boat.

A Quality First Aid Kit

While some boat accessories are all about fun, others are just plain practical. One practical, must-have accessory for your boat is a first aid kit.

You can easily find kits made specifically for boats. These kits are often small and compact so they do not take up too much space. Some even mount to a surface on your boat to keep the contents from shifting around when the water is rough.

While you can choose any first aid kit that you like, you should look for one that contains at least the following essentials:

  • Bandages
  • Antiseptic ointments and other wound-cleaning products
  • Antibiotics
  • Basic, over-the-counter medications
  • Sterile tools

Having a first aid kit will ensure you have the necessary tools for help if anything goes wrong.

A Boat-Ready Grill

Salt air often has a way of making people hungry. If you want to chow down while on your boat, then invest in a boat-specific grill.

Some of the best models actually mount to the rails of your boat, making them easy to use. Also, some grills have locking lids for extra security and stability. If you enjoy cooking while out on the water, a grill is sure to make a great addition to your boat.

A Wash Bag

When you think of being out on your boat, you probably do not think of doing laundry. However, on long trips or when your favorite outfit gets stained, having a way to clean your clothes would be nice.

Fortunately, products, known as wash bags, can wash your clothing while you are on the water. These bags typically work by you inserting your clothing items, water, and then your laundry detergent. You use the washboard inside the bag to scrub the clothes, rinse them out, and then, just like that, you have clean, stain-free items.

This accessory is not made just for boats, but it is the perfect addition for your boat.

A Waterproof Carrying Bag

While getting your dirty clothes wet is good for cleaning them, you probably have plenty of items you bring onboard that you do not want to get wet.

For this reason, invest in a waterproof bag for storing those sensitive items. Look for something lightweight and easy to carry so it does not add too much weight to your other gear. Also, try to choose a bag with taped seams since these tend to be more effective at keeping water out than bags without.

An Attachable Diving Board

While some boat owners prefer to stay on their boats, others take any opportunity to get off and splash in the water. If you are in the second category, consider a boat diving board. These boards can attach securely to boats for diving fun.

Just make sure the weight capacity of your board works for you and that you invest in a quality-made product. The best products will be made well enough to be safe, but not so heavy that they add extra stress to your boat.

Lots of great items can make any boat more enjoyable. To learn more about boat accessories and how to get the most enjoyment out of your boat, contact the experts at Petzold’s Marine Center. We are always happy to answer any of your questions.