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Edgewater New Boat Models

Our Edgewater Showroom

It all began in 1992 with a handful of experienced and dedicated craftsmen who shared a powerful dream of creating a company that would design and build the strongest, safest and most reliable boats on the water.Today that dream is a reality in EdgeWater Boats.

Single-Piece Infusion

Single-Piece Infusion is our trademark. We pioneered this closed-molded vacuum resin infusion process that combines foam composite structural stringers, engineered knitted fiberglass fabric, and vinylester resins to make our hulls (from 22′ to 37′) strong and a perfect glass-to-resin ratio every time. When the resin hardens and the bag is pulled from the mold it creates a one-piece unsinkable structure, with weight uniformly distributed, more fiberglass per square foot, making an SPI boat three times stronger than one constructed using a conventional open-molded process. While the strength-to-weight ratio is greater than open-molded, polyester boats, this process also achieves a perfectly weighted hull each time.


Our hull design creates a combination of lightweight and rock solid all in one. Tack on high-octane Yamaha horsepower and Garmin electronics suites, our boats can cook on the open water.


We design with luxury in mind. A sophisticated eye on the details that is crafted for the family.