Our Favorite Inflatable Boat Cleaners!

dinghy cleaner

In our video, Inflatable Boat Cleaner Demonstration, Heather gets down and dirty to get an inflatable clean.

Three products were tested out of the Petzold’s Marine Center Ship’s Store, MaryKate Inflatable Boats, Tubes & Towables Cleaner, Amazon’s Inflatable Boat Cleaner, and Starbrite’s RIB and Inflatable Boat Cleaner and Protectant.

These products were each used in a small area with a magic eraser sponge, and a separate area with a scotchbrite pad.

The Amazon’s product did not give clear instructions on how to use it, so we let the product soak for about 2 minutes. The Starbrite product gave instructions to let sit for 30 seconds before scrubbing. The MaryKate product was allowed to sit for 3 minutes and it was tried on a very stubborn stain.

Overall, all three products performed very well, but our favorite was the MaryKate product, it worked best using it with a magic eraser sponge, but the scotchbrite worked well also. MaryKate worked the best on the most stubborn stains and required very little elbow grease.

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