Reasons You Should Indoor Store Your Boat

As a boat owner, one of the things that you could be unsure about is where to store your boat. When you talk to different boating enthusiasts, you’ll probably get different suggestions. Of course, you have various options but usually, opting for an indoor boat storage option is your best choice. These are a few of the main reasons.

1. Keep Your Boat Protected from the Elements

Some people leave their boats in the water all year long. However, year-round storage in the water can cause excessive wear and tear on your boat. Wind, salt from the seawater, and sunlight can cause fading and other types of damage. You also have to worry about problems like barnacles growing on the parts of your boat that are submerged, which can cause damage and be a pain to remove.

Even when you store your boat on land when it’s not in use, you still have to worry about the boat being damaged by the elements. For example, if you store your boat at home, then chances are good that you might not have a large enough garage or storage building to house it. If the boat is kept outdoors, it will still be exposed to the elements, and added wear and tear can occur over time.

With indoor storage, however, you’ll know that your boat is protected from wind damage, water damage, and sun damage. This can help you keep your boat looking good and in its best condition for a long time to come.

2. Avoid the Hassles of Having Your Boat at Home

Even if you aren’t concerned about theft or vandalism, you might not want to keep your boat at home. Even though you might love your boat, having it at home can be a hassle.

For example, if you have limited yard space, you might find that your boat will take up more space than you would prefer. In addition, you or your neighbors might see the boat as a bit of an eyesore. In some places, you even have to worry about HOA rules preventing you from storing your boat at home. When you store your boat elsewhere, you don’t have to worry about these problems.

If you’re a boat owner, keeping your boat in storage can be the best option. Keep your boat in its best condition so you can enjoy using it. Contact us at Petzold’s Marine Center today to find out more about our indoor boat storage services.