Which Kind of Recreational Powerboat Is Right for You?

Powerboats come in all sorts of shapes, styles, and sizes, and each one is particularly well-suited for certain on-water activities. Here are some of the more common types of powerboats that people use for recreation so you can see which best fits your intended use.

Bowrider: Great to Ride In

Bowrider powerboats are distinguished by their uncovered bow, which has additional seating that’s open to the air. Thus, passengers are free to ride up in the bow if they choose to.

These boats are especially fun to ride in, as passengers up front feel like they’re skimming over the water. They might get wet without covering or windows to protect their seats, but being splashed on a hot day only adds to the enjoyment for some.

Additionally, many bowriders can be used for tubing, water skiing, fishing, or other on-water sports. They aren’t specifically designed for these activities, but they’re capable general boat. The only thing the boats aren’t well-suited for is overnighting because they don’t have any beds with protection.

Because bowriders are fun to ride and can serve other purposes, many families get these to be an all-purpose boat.

Ski Boat: Perfect to Tow With

Ski boats can have an open bow like bowriders, or they may come with a cover over their bow. The distinctive feature of these boats is their ability to tow someone behind the boat easily.

Towing a water skier, wake boarder, or tuber requires a powerful engine, but that’s not the only feature that makes ski boats capable tow vessels. These boats also have ballasts that can be filled (or emptied) to adjust the boat’s position in the water, and, as a result, what kind of wake the craft creates. Wake-tuning setting adjustments offer further wake adjustment options.

While it’s possible to water ski or wakeboard behind a basic bowrider, serious water skiers and wake boarders will want the wake-control settings of a ski boat. A small wake is useful when slaloming because you don’t want to be caught in a big wave on tight turns. A large wake lets you get more air if you want to do tricks.

Center Console: Ideal to Fish From

Center console powerboats are so-named because they have a center console located in the middle of the boat. This is where the steering wheel, throttle, gauges, and driver’s seat are located. Some other seats may be located throughout the boat, either in the bow or the stern.

The location of the console in the center of the boat, as opposed to on one side, allows anglers to move completely around the boat unobstructed. They can go from bow to stern and back, walking along either side of the console.

This freedom of movement is an advantage when fishing, as you can follow a fish that’s on a run, no matter what direction the fish swims in. Even if the fish moves from one end to the other, all you need to do is walk alongside the boat and keep the real out over the water. In other kinds of boats, moving around seats and maneuvering a fishing pole around features is challenging.

Cabin Cruiser: Fun to Get Away On

Cabin cruisers are like small RVs that go on the water rather than the road. These boats have the features necessary to live aboard the boat for a few days, which allows you to explore new areas. Some of the features that cabin cruisers come with include a bathroom, a bed, and a kitchen area.

If you get a cabin cruiser to explore new waterways with, make sure you know the draft of the boat and get charts for wherever you go. You need to know how deep the water you boat in is so you can make sure you don’t hit bottom.

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