Winterizing Tips

1 – Start with a clean boat: Storing a clean boat will make sure that your boat looks remain good and reduce the work needed in the spring when it comes time to launch.

2 – Flush the cooling System: For inboard and stern drive engines with raw water cooling systems, thoroughly flush the engine with fresh water to remove salt, dirt and corrosion. Drain all the water from the engine. Run antifreeze into the cooling system by attaching a pick up hose from a container of antifreeze to the motor’s water pump.

3 – Change the fuel filters and add a marine fuel stabilizer to the boats fuel tank. Run the engine after adding the stabilizers to ensure it circulates through the system.

4 – Change your oils: Change the engine oils and filters on stern drive, inboard and four stroke outboards. Drain and refill your boats gear case oils if applicable.

5 – Check the boat from Bow to Stern: Check all systems and make a list of all items that need to be repaired before the boat is re launched.

6 – Moisture: Check bilges and remove any standing water and clean up any dirt and oil. Remove the boats bilge plugs. Place moisture absorbers in the boat to eliminate mold and mildew. Remove all cushions or prop them on edge to allow air to circulate.

7 – Remove and store whatever you can: To protect against moisture, theft or freeze damage, remove all un-needed items. Batteries should be removed to protect against freezing and charged periodically during the off season.

8 – Cover you investment: Always cover your boat and make sure that the cover is supported properly to prevent collapse from snow load. Tighten cover securing lines frequently to keep the cover tight.

These tips are meant to be guidelines, please read follow all manufactures procedures when winterizing and if not confident please contact a marine professional for service.